Marine Diesel Repairs LLC is a family-owned company since 2013 by the Avila’s. Leo Avila has been the President and lead engineer since inception. His passion for engines is only second to his family. Family which is extends to his team. During Covid he made sure that his team had plenty of food and supplies. Leo and his wife Ivis made containers with provisions and first aid necessities for his employees. Leo did not know what the future held during the early days of Covid, since the marinas were closed, and his customers were also stunned by this epidemic. Yet he stood firm that he will provide for his “family”, and he powered thru and did all in took keep healthy, working and profitable.

Join us in a glimpse of the Marine Diesel Repairs family:

About Us

Engineers and Mechanics:

Leo Avila

Likes to spend his spare time fishing and with his family of 5 in the great outdoors – Anais, Adriana, Alicia, Amelia, and Leo Junior.

Carlos Pastrana

Enjoys time with his granddaughter, family, and his faithful fur mate, Poti.

Diosdany Castillo

His love for the tranquility of the sea took him to a pastime in fishing. He loves to fish and cook for others. Fun Fact- He does not eat seafood.

Joandi Castellanos

Time with his mini me (son) is special time. He also enjoys working out and working on his car.

Reynaldo Gonzalez

His dog “Maggie” and his wife enjoy long walks and the occasional “Cuba libre” in the shores of Sunny South Florida,

Matthew Shirley

Size does matter, as his affinity for LEGOS only got bigger. Now instead of miniature cars he builds helicopters. He also enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and their fur babies.

Jose Yong Diaz

He loves travelling and exploring the outdoors along with his wife.


Ivis Avila

Raising her beautiful family has always been her pride and joy. She will proudly tell you that without her “Cafecito” it would not have been possible. Her love for everything coffee took her to venture in candle making. She enjoys making candles for her friends and family with a multitude of different aromas.

Roland Jorge

His passion for cooking is showcased either at home or at company gatherings. He is known for his famous “Tortilla Espanola.”

Carlos Ruiz

Keeping fit is how he de-stresses… playing tennis and swimming are among his favorite pastimes.

Adriana Avila

When not at work or at school she enjoys traveling and creating memories with family, friends and her fur babies, Luna, and Lyla.

Ingrid Ottenwalder

When all possible she loves to travel to her mom’s native country “Dominican Republic” to be with family and friends. Eating good food and enjoying the island life.

About Us

Our objective is to ensure that your vessels diesel engines operate smoothly and efficiently with our high-quality repairs while minimizing environmental impacts.

About Us

Our goal is to become the world’s leading provider of marine diesel engine repairs and maintenance services provider while providing lifelong partnerships.

About Us


Ship conversions, overhauls, significant and small damage repairs, and equipment repairs fall in the category of ship repair and maintenance. In the maritime business, ship repairs and upkeep are critical. Ship repair and maintenance services are in high demand due to increased shipbuilding activity. decreased by -0.01 %. The drop was due to several nations implementing lockdown and social isolation policies and a global economic downturn brought by the COVID-19 outbreak and the measures taken to combat it. Between 2021 and 2026, the marine repair market is to recover and increase at a 3.06 percent CAGR, reaching $191,891.1 million.